Sharq.Org launches campaign #IAmNotAVase

MAY 2019 – A campaign about the strength of women who refuse to be seen as decorative items complements theatrical production

Sharq.Org this week launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #IAmNotAVase in celebration of women who refuse to be seen as vases and simple decorative elements with no true societal value or contribution.

The campaign included graphic posters and a short film that showcase the Syrian women who participated in the theatre production of “I Am Not a Vase” and their thoughts on womanhood.

“I Am Not A Vase” – Voices of Strength | أنا مو مزهرية – أصوات قوة from Sharq.Org on Vimeo.

The campaign was inspired by the passion and determination of the cast of the theatrical production “I Am Not a Vase”, produced by Sharq in partnership with Alexandra Sandels Firma and the Swedish Institute, and staged in Lebanon and Sweden in 2019. Read more about the play.

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