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Sharq.Org is a not-for-profit organisation with more than 10 years of experience in Europe and the Arab world. Our mission is to promote and strengthen pluralism and independence throughout the Arab world. This includes working with and engaging refugees, migrants, and those impacted by instability and war.

In addition to running donor funded projects, Sharq.Org works with clients on initiatives with social justice at their core. As a result of our expansive work across the region, Sharq.Org has nurtured a network of strong multi-faceted professionals with diverse areas of specialism and an interest in development and the Arab world. As such, Sharq.Org brings together strong tailor-made teams for each project to ensure that the specific needs of each client are fully met.

CONTACT US to discuss how our team of research and communication specialists can help your organisation expand its knowledge and reach.

We take on a variety of assignments – included editing, writing, translations, conducting feasibility and research studies, developing media strategies, delivering training workshops, and producing social media campaigns – for the benefit of a variety of organisations including:

DROSOS Foundation Writing & design of publication on challenges associated with livelihoods and entrepreneurship in Lebanon

Konrad Adenauer Germany Research & writing of a chapter on the impact of COVID-19 on media in the Arab world

Goethe Institute Review of Arabic texts in a book about, and by, Syrian writers

International Alert Field and desk research & writing for study on inclusive economic development and recovery in Syria 

Konrad Adenauer Syria Field Research & writing for study on challenges and needs of Syrians CSOs

Terres des Hommes Field research & writing for a feasibility study of proposed remedial education programme in UNRWA camps for Palestinians in Lebanon

World Learning Training USAID MEPI fellows in project design

Association for Lebanese History Production of social media campaign

Center for Lebanese Studies Development of communications collateral

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Our mission & vision

We believe in the individual as a motor of change; in a commitment to limiting citizen reliance on group representation; and in a dedication to the development of innovative and attractive platforms.
Sharq: our approach

Our approach

We produce and publish purposeful, professional content; train and engage young professionals; instigate the creation of artistic expressions; and host community building events.

Our team

Sharq.Org benefits from the expertise of professionals across the globe and recruits and forms teams on a project…