How stories bring people together

Storytelling is first and foremost about bringing people together to engage in an exchange of experiences.

In the act of telling tales, we share our innermost concerns and yearnings, and engage in an exchange of ideas and imagination. People are by nature social beings, in need of connection. We only thrive, individually and collectively, when we work and play together. To that end, all Sharq.Org endeavours include activities that bring people together.

A research initiative exploring peaceful coexistence begins and ends with the coming together of migrants and locals, seeking to break down the barriers that create social silos through a collaborative effort to build bridges through honest encounters. A performance about womanhood is followed by discussions between actors who were telling stories and the audience members whose lives and experiences were reflected in and touched by those stories. An initiative that seeks to build the professional capacity of youths in a refugee camp supports the design and delivery of events that nurture community cohesion.

Sharq.Org hosts most of its events in collaboration with other organisations and activists who believe in the power of togetherness. If you would like to organise and host an event with Sharq.Org, please contact us with your proposal.

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