mirella salame’s installation was made up of stones wrapped in papers on which quotes from the stories were written, reflecting the strength and delicacy of shared stories.

How stories feed the arts


Painting, sculptures, plays, dance, films… all art forms reflect a story in one way or another. Some are sub-consciously inspired by the lives, the stories, of their creators, while other creative expressions and artworks draw directly from stories shared by others, be it over generations or in oral history collections such as those produced by Sharq.Org.

All artists and cultural actors are welcome to dive into the stories within the collections produced by Sharq.Org, and hosted at Tarikhi: The Platform of Arab World Voices, and find inspiration for their next piece or collection. The piece may aim to address social injustices reflected in a story or collection, or to be a visual reflection of a quote, concept or tradition expressed by a storyteller.

In a bid to highlight the relationship between stories and art, Sharq.Org has partnered with a number of artists and organisations to create, produce and present creative outputs. They include the Swedish Institute, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Beit Beirut, Basmeh & Zeitooneh, Amel NGO, the Lebanese American University, Laban, Dima Matta, Pascale Jallouf, Adi Atassi, Madonna Adib, Ghenwa Abou Fayad, Dima Nachawi, mirella salame, Nadine Kaadan, Lina Abyad, and Tala Nachar.

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