Our approach

We produce and publish purposeful, professional content; train and engage young professionals; instigate the creation of artistic expressions; and host community building events.

Sharq.Org is a non-profit organisation that works to promote and strengthen pluralism and independent thought throughout the Arab world. We do so by:

(a) training young professionals, through workshops, internships and mentoring;

(b) producing purposeful, professional and impactful content in different formats;

(c) publishing, online and in print, providing platforms for sharing & learning;

(d) organising events that enable exchange and development of ideas and expression.

We have over the past ten years developed very strong ties throughout the Arab region through a series of programmes that focus on engagement of citizen journalists, media professionals, civil society actors and individual citizens from diverse backgrounds in different towns and cities.

We have trained over 400 youth and professionals in the skills and techniques required to conduct and document effective interviews and produce credible and socially impactful media reports; have conducted and documented over 300 interviews with people of the Arab world from diverse socio-economic, ethnic and professional backgrounds; have produced and disseminated articles, books, plays, and art exhibits that reflect both individual stories and thematic topics; and have brought people together at dozens of socially and culturally engaging events.

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Our mission & vision

We believe in the individual as a motor of change; in a commitment to limiting citizen reliance on group representation; and in a dedication to the development of innovative and attractive platforms.

Our team

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