Workshop: for Arab CSOs


Sharq.Org will, over the coming months, run a series of online workshops on oral history production for CSOs across the Arab world. We believe in the value of storytelling and story sharing, of listening and engaging in dialogue, or recognising that we are individuals and yet highly connected.

Volunteers at and staff members of CSOs across the region are invited to apply to attend the series of eight workshops that will be held online in Arabic between October and December 2021. Twenty people will be invited to attend and to submit proposals for an oral history collection they would like to develop with the support of Sharq.Org. Three collections will be selected an co-produced.

The call for applications was published only in Arabic as fluency in the language is needed in order to engage in all project activities.

This initiative is being conducted in partnership with KAICIID following an earlier collaboration which resulted in the production of an oral history collection that highlights the value and feasibility of multi-religious and multi-ethnic cooperation.

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